SIRRC works on programs to help retain students on campus as well as maintain relationships with these students. SIRRC hosts quarterly Study Jams where we provide a space for students to come and study for midterms and finals. During the Study Jam we provide students with healthy snacks and drinks, as well as blue books and scantrons. SIRRC believes that is a great way to get students to come together and study and keep building a relationship within the student community.

SIRRC is also working on a Book Bank that will be a student run library. This will be a system of loaning books to students who cannot afford to buy books for the quarter, the students will be required to fill out paperwork confirming that they will be held reliable and will be responsible for the book during the quarter.

GUIDES is a retention based program that aims to promote student leadership and academic success of incoming first-years through mentorship. Mentees are required to attend a 5-day orientation hosted by AS SIRRC, GUIDES Summer Orientation (GSO). In addition, mentees are paired up with an active student leader who is to provide personal guidance, information on academic resources, and access to leadership opportunities. Through this mentorship program, we will empower first-year students and prepare them for success in a higher education institution.

G.U.I.D.E.S Application deadlines:

  • Friday May 22nd, 2015 at 5pm in the AS Annex Retention mailbox (hard copies only)
  • Attend GSO planning meetings during Spring Quarter 2015
  • Attend GUIDES Mentor Initiation Reception
  • If possible attend GSO Program on July 21-25
  • Attend follow-up meetings with SIRRC Outreach chairs during the academic year
  • Attend GUDIES Socials with your mentee
  • Spend 5 hours per quarter with your mentee studying during SIRRC Study Jams
  • Attend MANDATORY GUIDES Mentorship Program Kick-Off Reception
  • Commit to guiding you mentee throughout the 2015-2016 academic year

Application: GUIDES Retention Application