The Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee is a collective effort of students catering to the needs of local and academic communities. The committee will assist historically underrepresented, low-income, and under-resourced students and organizations in establishing the fundamental interaction needed to create a long-term recruitment and retention program within our UCSB community.

The committee is comprised of members and organizations of all ethnic groups, providing a culturally diverse environment while working towards increasing diversity at our campus. It will provide a unified space for all organizations to maintain and create recruitment and retention programs, as well as offer resources to facilitate interaction amongst students, faculty, and administration.

Furthermore, the committee will provide multilateral support, stemming from various associations to promote student leadership, empowerment and coalition building. By developing common goals, securing resources and garnering long term support from the various campus organizations. The Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee will foster guidance and support for underrepresented communities in the pursuit of higher education.