Welcome to the A.S. Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee!

Here you will find out what S.I.R.R.C. is all about and what we offer for you to get involved in our organization. You will find a new community that shares the same interests as you which means getting involved in helping low-income, under-resourced students across California who want to attain a higher education but the lack the resources to do so. You will find active student leaders who want to make a difference in both the university community as well as those communities surrounding us. You will find a comforting place that offers mentors for incoming 1st year students & transfer students, services to local youth, and a place that allows others to become leaders while helping out those who want to feel empowered by embarking on a new journey towards receiving a higher education. So come and join us as we strive for excellence in Scholarship, Leadership, and Citizenship!