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Book Bank Vision

As a public research institution, the University of California, Santa
Barbara offers a premier undergraduate education that enhances the
creative and intellectual abilities of the diverse communities that it
serves. However, in an environment of budget cuts and fee increases,
students are facing new challenges that affect their performance as
students and derail their academic and career goals. We are committed
to promoting the retention and welfare of every student at UCSB by
developing programs and services that directly address student needs.


The Associated Students Book Bank is a student-run service that is
available to all UCSB students, both graduate and undergraduate. All
donations that we receive will be for loaning and not up for resale. We
aim to provide students with the opportunity to check out books for a
certain amount of time from the SIRRC Book Bank in efforts to reduce
the costs of our students in need. The Book Bank will be collecting
books from different campus locations throughout the end of each
quarter in order to increase the amount of books that can be lent out to

Online Catalog

Here, you would have quick and easy access to the textbooks and books currently in the Book Bank Catalog. You can see what books we have, which ones are able to be checked out and if it is not in the catalog, feel free to suggest it on the suggestion form (in the website) or contact the book bank directors!

Tip: It would be helpful to have the ISBN number when looking for the book you need!

Book Bank Catalog!


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