Our Story

The Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee was established in the year 2007 by its following Mother Organizations: Black Student Union, El Congreso, M.U.J.E.R., Hermanos Unidos, Hermanas Unidos, Kapatirang Pilipino, and the American Indian Cultural Resource Center. As an A.S. (Associated Students) committee we encourage all students and groups to assist us in our efforts towards becoming an influential outreach center and an active part of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Through time and effort, we have been able to establish a strong relationship with our members who are passionate about reaching out to high school students and 1st year university students who will begin their careers in higher education institutions across California. Our outreach programs help build a bridge from high school to the university and give the students support through our services. Through our retention services, we offer support for students who are already in the university by hosting Study Jams and encouraging them to achieve academically and branch out to different student organizations on campus that will open way for student leadership. Our G.U.I.D.E.S. Mentorship Program will provide mentors for high school and university students to provide assistance for them to help them develop as student leaders as well as achieve academic success. We are truly excited for our committee! We hope you will enter this journey with us as we begin a new chapter in the books of UCSB in improving the lives of under-represented, under-privileged, low-income students as we help nurture the relationship between our members, mentors, mentees and for those yet to come.